Friday, November 30, 2007

Its cold...

Well I am just over a week back from holiday in sunny Florida and the Bahamas... I really miss it.

I'll get some pictures up on Flickr soon. Surprise surprise my list is no closer to completion. I had a moment last night when lay in bed and thought how much stuff I am missing out on learning at the minute due to laziness and the fact Christmas is just over 3 weeks away. I need to seriously sit down and think about what I am getting people.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Ahoy, I see 'ere treasure!

After finally finishing my Pirates 1660-1730 book I have ordered the following books:

  • Japanese Castles 1540-1640
  • Pirate Ship 1660-1730
  • The Spanish Galleon

  • I be on a hunt to discover the pirate world in more detail... Aye, me do!

    Check out this 'ere beauty!

    Tuesday, August 14, 2007

    Ok I must do this

    Right! I have decided to make a list.

    a magically list of things I want to do and have to do sometime.

    My biggest problem is I buy books, I say I am going to do things and I simply forget about them, or find another interest to move onto.

    This list is a guide to myself of what I want to do and to see if I can actually complete any task.

    Lets see how long my attention lasts for.

    1. Build my Japanese castle DONE!
    2. Cook an Italian meal
    3. Read my marketing book DONE!
    4. Read my Samurai book DONE!
    5. Read my Pirates book DONE!
    6. Read my Ninja book DONE!
    7. Read my Chris Moyles book
    8. Learn blender or 3dsm
    9. Read my Japanese Castles book DONE!
    10. Read my Pirate Ship book DONE!
    11. Read my Spanish Galleon book DONE!
    12. Get back into Pixel Art

    No dowt I will add more.

    Just to add as a disclaimer to myself: I do not consider any of these things to be important in my life I have more things I need to do, and they may and will come first but I may not list them.

    [30/11/07: Updated with new books]

    Friday, August 10, 2007

    UO is no more...

    I did not renew my subscription from UO and its not bothering me at all.

    I don't actually play on the PC much any more. I do play DOD Source every so often on the OCgaming server.

    I tend to just play on my Xbox now.

    Sunday, July 29, 2007

    Ultima Online - Kingdom Reborn rants

    Right I am in a little bit of a mood over KR.

    I pray one day it will be amazing and it will look like a game which has been created by a team who love a game and have a good budget. It would be so interesting to see where my £9.99 a month goes exactly. Perhaps we are supplying EA with new sports cars... if so I want a job!

    KR as it stands to date looks completely rubbish, I wont beat around the bush here it looks like a game I should have expected to play when I had windows 98/2000... it looks old and its not living up to standards these days.

    They've tried making a 3d client before and now they ditched it, do they not learn?

    I believe some over reactive baffoon at EA saw UO and went Urrrgh my god do we actually own this ugly 2D game... UO guys make it 3D and make it 3D now... you have 3 months.

    So the UO team went off and created this monster which is apparenty going to relaunch UO to the masses with its crappy unclear look and completely out of date graphics.

    Don't get me wrong I dont play uo just for its uber 2d graphics but it gets on my nerves how they waste money on something which looks like it should be in alpha testing. It looks completely rushed.

    I recently bought the collectors edition of Gears of War for the Xbox. Before playing the game I watched the DVD extras which shows you the Epic team and explains their passion for this game. Oh my god what a game they made... but to be honest every game they have made looks completely kick ass and feels fantastic!

    I have lost complete hope in the Origin team and I believe they are living in a time long passed and they believe they are making a kick ass RPG game even better.

    UO has lasted this long solely because of the community and expensive subscription charges for a uncared for game, im tired and sick of it.

    I am currently patching KR to see if its all changed... however I know it hasn't. Its taking for ages!

    My subscription runs out in 7 days and I seriously dowt I will be renewing my subscription unless something nice happens to cheer me up.

    I hope Pirates of the Burning Seas is good and feel like quality. I've been looking at that game for sometime now. It might keep me enterained once Sony publish it.

    Thanks for reading my rant, or scrolling down and just reading this line.

    I'll keep you updated of my outcome, never know one person may read this blog entry ;)

    - PD.