Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Gettin' that feelin'

I know I quit Ultima Online a year ago but I recently I've been thinking about it more and more. I think its the community the game has which gives it life and enjoyment. I think I might try it again seeing as Warhammer Online requires a kick ass PC which I ain't buying.

Perhaps MMORPGS are designed to give people a feeling of purpose or a alternative comfortable controllable life to escape to. Now there is nothing wrong with my life, I am with an amazing girl who I love dearly, I get to spend every weekend with her, I am in a job which is sometimes entertaining. Marketing, who dreams of being in marketing when they are a kid... hey mum I want to know how to market products and stuff, that would just be so cool!

I think not, but then I look at what else I can achieve given the skills I have. Now marketing is a great career choice with loads of future prospect providing you have experience.

Next week I have an exam to complete my Professional Certificate in Marketing which I am crapping myself about... exams are terrible, so much to revise, focus on and think about. Assignment based work you take one step at a time and use a book for reference, pretty much like real life... if your not sure, google it. How can our brains expect to hold such massive amounts of information in such great detail, especially when the subject is not entirely exciting or inspiring. Maybe I am heading for a midlife crisis.

My girl is in America (the Caribbean next week!!), I wish I was there but I have this exam, can't have it always. I miss her so much, a lot more than I thought I would. Its weird not being able to pick up my phone can just call her. Or text (knowing it ain't costing her a fortune) her to say hello.

I think I'll consider playing UO after she arrives back that way I'll know its not a lonely thing.