Thursday, March 12, 2009

Tiny update

I passed my exams! I ended up getting a A for it, I am not sure how it happened but great, its all finished now.

Things I need to focus on right now:
  • Find a home
  • Look at jobs
  • Learn pixel art

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Gotta love movies

Now its been sometime since I've posted and a few thoughts are building up again, a distant memory is that exam gawd that was awful. Sitting it was a complete nightmare and I was a nurvus wreck; never have I felt like that before in an exam. This exam I revised so much and worked so hard, I've never felt this in a previous exam. I have no idea what my result will be but I am feeling negative, I guess most people do. I get my results at the end of the month.

Now on to this weekend; Yesterday I first watched City of Ember, its a film about a underground city and terrible stuff happens to the generator so a young boy and girl try find a way out of the city. The film reminded me of Fallout 3, it could have been inspired but the original game series but its really worth watching.

After that I saw The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. What a orignal amazing film. Brad Pitt plays Benjamin wonderfully it shows his excellent acting. He plays many different roles in many films which shows he can act. Many actors such as Vin Diesel could name his films Vin Diesel generic film 1, 2 and 3 etc. However back on to Benjamin Button this is a must buy film on DVD the ending is wonderfully done and nearly made me cry. There were many people in the cinema crying and on the way out there was too... a truely emotional film.

The next film I watched yesterday was Sex Drive... ha its a great hilarious film. Its not worth talking about in detail though, its very simular to Roadtrip.

The last film I watched was Taken. I've never been a fan of Liam Neeson, I am not sure why. He played the main character in Taken extremely well and I liked the action.

Today I watched Role Models, another funny film not sure if its worth buying on DVD though. The characters worked very well together and its a hear warming film. The cinema was quite busy.

After watching that I saw Slumdog Millionaire. My first insight into how India is, a rough film showing the harsh life of a boy who wins 20 million rupies (which is £278,000). He is accused for cheating and has to explain how a slum boy could answer the questions. Its got a good love story entwined into the story too, this is a buy on DVD film.

So as you see I've watched many films this weekend and also gone shopping seeing as its Valentines next week. Hopefully I'll get to my girls house on Saturday night if shes back from work.

I've also started the move of my main website back to Dataflame. Webfusion were lieing to me on the phone and their customer service was extremely poor and in one case I called back and spoke to a woman I had previously spoken to... apparently she had been told off for spending to long trying to fix a problem I was having with login into the control panel she said she couldn't help in case it was a long call again and passed me on to someone else... that was unbelievable.