Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Ok I must do this

Right! I have decided to make a list.

a magically list of things I want to do and have to do sometime.

My biggest problem is I buy books, I say I am going to do things and I simply forget about them, or find another interest to move onto.

This list is a guide to myself of what I want to do and to see if I can actually complete any task.

Lets see how long my attention lasts for.

  1. Build my Japanese castle DONE!
  2. Cook an Italian meal
  3. Read my marketing book DONE!
  4. Read my Samurai book DONE!
  5. Read my Pirates book DONE!
  6. Read my Ninja book DONE!
  7. Read my Chris Moyles book
  8. Learn blender or 3dsm
  9. Read my Japanese Castles book DONE!
  10. Read my Pirate Ship book DONE!
  11. Read my Spanish Galleon book DONE!
  12. Get back into Pixel Art

No dowt I will add more.

Just to add as a disclaimer to myself: I do not consider any of these things to be important in my life I have more things I need to do, and they may and will come first but I may not list them.

[30/11/07: Updated with new books]

Friday, August 10, 2007

UO is no more...

I did not renew my subscription from UO and its not bothering me at all.

I don't actually play on the PC much any more. I do play DOD Source every so often on the OCgaming server.

I tend to just play on my Xbox now.